Fast or Slow Fashion | NZ

Almost every holiday you see shops and labels cutting down prices, opening up “sale pop up stores” trying to get rid of their dead stock. Sometimes you can pick up some great bargains, but the flip side to that is you buy something which doesn’t entirely fit or suit you the way you may have hoped.

These items generally end up in your wardrobe which you hardly ever or never  wear? It sits there for months and ends up in the bag with the other unworn clothing on its way to the bin or op-shop.

Then you have those items which you wear to death and when you want to wear it its usually in the wash. Avoid these dilemmas and remake your favourtie items!  With a few slight variations and a variety of fabrics you can have a completely new outfit which you know you will always wear.

Say goodbye to fast “bargain” shopping and hello to a wearable wardrobe. Embrace the slow fashion movement and send us your beloved garment/s with your choice of fabric for clothes you will wear again and again.

custom-dress-made to measure-NZ
one dress, four different looks

Slow fashion | Studio by Maker

Slow fashion, Eco-freindly fashion, fashion revolution, its all about the same thing really -Capitalism.

The so called “rag trade” is the second largest polluting industry in the world!! This comes in behind fossil fuel energy production, and when you think about synthetic fabrics and what they are made from (petrochemicals) well one could say they are almost one in the same…

From the production and distribution of crops, fibers and garments the fashion industry impacts the environment through the water, air and soil.

Now more than ever we need to be aware of our purchases and who we support through these purchases. Sure you want to buy a bargain, but why waste your money on something that’s only going to last a season or sometimes a few weeks… It is definitely worth saving up for a well made garment made with quality (organic) fabrics, something that will last seasons and generations.

There are a few designers and labels who are incorporating the slow fashion approach into their designs but you don’t have to buy from designers to make sure your clothes will last, and to be honest some cuts are just not for some body shapes, every women has experienced this dilemma in the fitting room.

With that in mind look to your wardrobe for inspiration. Pick out your favourite items, find a maker and get some patterns/garments made. This way you can wear what suits you, with your choice of fabric, made by someone who cares.