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Almost every holiday you see shops and labels cutting down prices, opening up “sale pop up stores” trying to get rid of their dead stock. Sometimes you can pick up some great bargains, but the flip side to that is you buy something which doesn’t entirely fit or suit you the way you may have hoped.

These items generally end up in your wardrobe which you hardly ever or never  wear? It sits there for months and ends up in the bag with the other unworn clothing on its way to the bin or op-shop.

Then you have those items which you wear to death and when you want to wear it its usually in the wash. Avoid these dilemmas and remake your favourtie items!  With a few slight variations and a variety of fabrics you can have a completely new outfit which you know you will always wear.

Say goodbye to fast “bargain” shopping and hello to a wearable wardrobe. Embrace the slow fashion movement and send us your beloved garment/s with your choice of fabric for clothes you will wear again and again.

custom-dress-made to measure-NZ
one dress, four different looks
Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand

Author: Studio: By Maker

A Maker in the Studio... arts and fashion. Custom Dressmaking and Fashion Manufacturing in Henderson, Auckland. Also, Studio By Maker exhibits custom stone furniture and artist designs for architectural adaptations.

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